Not As Bad As I Thought.

I'm 25 years old and I had this procedure done yesterday.  The 2 week anticipation was hell.  I'm a very nervous person when it comes to anything medically related.  I haven't had alot of test done since I'm pretty healthy but the GI thought it was necessary to rule out disease. 

I waited about an hour to have the procedure done.  Finally they called me in, explained the procedure and said that they don't give sedation since the sedation takes longer to take effect then the actual test.  I was about to throw up, Thankfully I didn't.  She proceeded to ask me how I planned to have children If I can't even go thru this.  I said:"Well I might change my mind after this".

They lay me down in my clothes, put up the blanket and told me to pulled down my pants and underwear to my knees.  The doctor comes in and talks to me a little, then the procedure started.  I didn't even feel the tube being inserted.  Hard to believe, but I didn't feel it. 

The pain comes from the air.  The more he pumped the mored it cramped.  When it was the worse I was yelling "ouch" ouch".  And then it kind of went away then it would come back.  He went 60 cm in.  It took about 15 min.  But what a relief when he taked the camera out!!! I couldn't stop smiling after, I was so happy it was over.  I cramped for about 2 hours after while the air was expelled.  Today I'm sore on my left side and I feel like I biked all day yesterday my butt is so sore.  But I can definitly handle it.

If I was able to go thru it, ANYBODY CAN.  I would even go thru it again.

GOOD LUCK.  The ancipation is WORST then the actual test. Of course when you don't know you expect the worst!!


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the anticipation and WAIT is the worst.....but what a feeling to come through it and KNOW you are WELL.......AWESOME :)

Good to hear it's not too bad. I have to go for one in a very short time. They discovered 4 polyps when the doc did my colonoscopy a few weeks ago. Three were able to be removed, but there in one larger polyp that is attached, which will need to be removed. I am scared ****! If it proves to be non-cancerous I can have minimal surgery which would be a day procedure; if they detect cancer, then surgery is required which will also require a 5 to 7 day stay at the hospital. Yes, I'm scared and hoping the tests come out to be non-cancerous, of course. Thanks for your input about the sigmoidscopy. Thanks so much; it means a lot to me, and doesn't sound so bad. Just wish they could give you a local so you don't have to hurt.<br />
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