I Had A Flexable Signoidoscopy On June 11.

I had a Flexable Signoidoscopy on June 11.    My intestines had collapsed twice now and this was the second time.  When my doc tried in reinflate them, he had done this the first time and it worked, I ended up getting a small tear because of the force used to inflate it again.  Came home, went to bed for a couple of hours, woke up late in the day and could not move an inch.  Of course, at the time, he didn't know he had clipped it.  Went back to hospital by ambulance.  By 2:00 am I was in emergency surgery to fix the problem.  Not too much fun and the bad thing is it most likely will occur again.
grammylorrie grammylorrie
56-60, F
Jun 26, 2010