Absolutley Terrafied!!

I have got my flexible sigmoidoscopy on friday and i am soo scared. I have read through alot of these stories and it seems pretty balanced between people who have had good and bad experiences so i dont know what to think. I am definately asking for sedation, that much i know asi am in huge amounts of pain anyway, without being messed about with down there.

I am also terafied about what they will find, lastly will they still do it if i have a period that day??????????????
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redheadsrule, I agree with you 100%, <br />
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I have a so similar with precancerous polyps really saved me and second thought to keep live and raised my two daughter and want to see their future, wedding and grandchildren. I 've been thought lot of my life is important and now I am middle age. I think prep is the worst part. I have not really like those test and which mean it is worth to know what was going on in my digestion systems really crap.

thanks for your support x

Most of the tests the prep is the worst part , I have not had this one in years it was not the worst thing back then. Because I had precancerous polyps I have a colonoscopy every 5 years ,the discomfort is worth it to find out what is causing your pain and believe me minimal the pain compared to other tests...its mainly a pressure from what I remember . They can still do it during your monthly , I hope all goes well for you .