No Need To Be Worried About This Procedure Itself

I had a positive result so i suppose there is a danger to being somewhat biased and of course there must be a few with negative stories who are so down they aren't much interested in posting reviews on the forums.

However, for those who are concerned/worried about their upcoming sigmoid  don't be.The prep you have to drink the day before isn't very nice to be honest and i must confess to not drinking all of it but it was still enough to clean me out.The procedure itself......the camera goes in and that doesn't hurt one bit, as it travels further up inside again it doesn't hurt and you can't feel it moving around inside one bit, the worst bit of course is when they pump air in, it is uncomfortable and feels like pretty bad wind but the thing is, that's ok isn' it, you know the pain is being caused by air being blown inside of you , not an injury or trauma of some's bad wind pain that's all, the crs will allow some air out if you tell him and afterwards the discomfort doesn't last long as you will pass wind regularly until it is all gone, the pain decreases with every passing of wind until it's all gone in about half an hour.

Good luck and don't worry.
frankelsmashesblackcaviar frankelsmashesblackcaviar
Apr 30, 2012