Please Consider The Sedation

Ok here goes my experience. For quite awhile I have had spotty tissue paper with occasional itching and irritation. Well, imagine my horror after seeing bright red blood in the toilet bowl after a non-eventful BM (let's not kid ourselves they are all eventful). I did what most 40 something tough guys do, IGNORE IT ! Yeah yeah go online become an MD overnight and presto, self diagnosis HEMORRHOIDS ! I never consulted a doctor and felt I had it under control. I am now in my mid 40's and feel like I lost several years of my life. Well not really but the point is I never really new.   The truth is I was terrified of going to the Dr. because I knew what tests would be ordered. Yes the colonoscopy or the sigmoidoscopy. It scared me away from potentially discovering something far more dangerous. I have no idea why I had "the moment" of clarity but I went to the GI doc and guess what? Sigmoid ! Yep because whatever I had was internal and the only way to be sure about it all was to have the Sig. The appointment was made and the waiting began. I simply lost a week of my life sick of anticipation. I was literally a zombie around the family.  Of course I went online and read every horror story and knew right away I would add my name to that list. So the day eventually came, TODAY ! Yes I am home writing about my experience because I found this site and read every testimonial over and over again. I was told I would not need sedation and mentally prepared for the procedure. I dutifully took the two enemas and walked out the door. Something was telling me just go,(drive to the appointment, trust me I already went multiple times)  it is time to know, no more waiting. The surgi-center was 40 minutes away but my God not a single car on the road for some reason (you know how that goes). Seemed like a long line in the waiting area but for some reason they called my name right away (of course). Back I went to what I describe as the assembly line. Beds lined up, people hooked up to IV's, nurses bustling about. I was given the gown and a bed. Now here is the weird part. The nurse comes over and says, "I see you are scheduled for the full colon exam". Huh ? ahhhhh, no just the sig. "Hmmm..let me check with the Dr." Now I am pretty much tapped out on the stress meter. What the hell is going on? Well I guess I had another "moment of clarity" because when the nurse comes back she says yes you are right just the sig. Out of nowhere I ask can I get sedated? I think I was more scared of the sedation which is why I opted to stay awake. For some reason I threw it out there thinking maybe it will stick. Well it did and the Dr. cleared me for the propofol. Best choice I ever made (next to my wife of course). It was like that moment just before the roller coaster takes off but really quick and very comfortable. I woke up seconds later and to my amusement I had what I knew all along......HEMS !! All I can say is if you are scared and unsure please consider the sedation. It made my experience very positive and I can affirm that if I ever need surgery I will have no problem at all going under. Save yourself the worry and take control of your life. If your Dr. says no sedation and this makes you sick with worry, see another Dr. that will administer it. I know this may not help all of you but maybe, just maybe somebody out there is reading this and can relate. Good luck with whatever decision you make and remember stay positive.
erichwendel erichwendel
May 11, 2012