Yeah I Faced It

Having read all those stories of horrors of flexible sigmoidoscopies I felty a deep sense of dread at the prospect of my forthcoming procedure. Pacing the floor, "you just can't let then do this to you" I kelpt thinking. Here's the real story, it just ain't that bad. I had no sedation or anaesthetic, it really isn't necessary. Certainly in the UK, probably the US, Canada and Australia too, the overwhelmng majority of the medical profession are dedicated to healing and the alleviation of suffering - they just wouldn't torture you. If it did get bad you can just tell them to stop and of course they will, but you won't have to. It's a tad uncomfortable just as they reach the end of your lower bowel, the splenic flexture, but no pain involved. Mine only took about 5-6 minutes. So you that are going in for it, don't let so much of this stuff you can find on the net put you off this potential life-saving, simple procedure. I would say good luck, but you don't need it.
Barbarbolitus Barbarbolitus
51-55, M
Dec 8, 2012