Fear of the Great Unknown!

 Wow! Couple of horror stories there!

I had a flexible stigmoidoscopy yesterday. The whole day is pretty intense I guess. From the self-administered enema.... right through to the procedure itself. But on the whole, you just get through it and like I say in the title, it is the fear of not knowing exactly what it's going to feel like and what's going to happen.

Sure, you can read up on the internet and the like but until it's actually happening you really have no idea.

I say, treat the whole experience with a good deal of humour. I mean, having a flexible tube shoved up your rear end is not going to be most peoples idea of something they want to do before they die!!!

Whilst not being the most pleasant of experiences, thanks to the professionalism and caring attitude of the team that performed mine, it seemed to be all over in a flash with really only minor discomfort experienced.

I also suffer with IBS and at the end of the day, if this procedure is going to rule out more serious problems it's well worth it. Don't be afraid, try to learn from the experience.

I opted not to take any sedation. Not because I'm brave but because I had to operate heavy machinery within the next 24 hours. But the option is there if you're really worried. I don't know how effective it would be but if I can get through it without sedation....anyone can.




pawsher pawsher
41-45, M
Jul 18, 2007