Not Supposed to Go In That End

I have had two sigmoidoscopys in the past 5 years and I didn't enjoy either one of them.  The prep for one is just so nasty, I can't stand to drink that fleet ****.  Still to this day the lemon-lime smell gags me.  I don't rember my first sigmoi since they put me under a local.  The second time was not so nice, I was awake the whole time and it hurt like a mother f'er.  If I need to go through it all again I'm gonna request that I be a lil druged up for it.  I know it is an important procedure to have done, since I do have IBS and have to have it done to make sure things are the same and have not developed into diverticulits or cancer.  Thus far I'm clean of either of them.  I have also had three colonscopys....was under for all them.  I should make an apt. to have another one done since it has been over a year now since I have had either procedure done.  I have been havin gut pain a lot lately and I'm on 12 diff types of meds, so it would be a good idea to have it done.  Maybe at the begining of the year I will do it.

But I feel your guys pain on this one....not fun at all, I would rather have someone punch me than go through the prep and proceduer of a sigmoid.



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1 Response Sep 9, 2006

Two years ago I was diagnosed with C-Difftoxin Colitis. I had a colonoscopy, but I was out completely. Today I had a Sigmoidoscopy. I would like to meet the person who says "just a little cramping and discomfort". I was screaming at the doctor to stop. I thought I was on deaths doorstep it hurt so damn bad. If im ever told I need another one, I think I will have to laugh in the docs face! Hell no will I ever have another one done! A little cramping and discomfort my ***. No pun intended! It was A LOT of pain!