What Have I Gotten Myself Into????

so here it is i am a 26 year old female with a complaint of constant diarrhea and now i need a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy to i would imagine check for colon cancer i didnt think that was the problem by any stretch of the imagination i am terrified becasue of the test and why they are doing it i think i would rather not know what is going on if i have to go through this test only to hear i might have cancer there has to be another way any advice to help ease my worry please give

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You've already had the test but if you hadn't I would say to rule out allergies first. I went for 6 years (yes, 6 years) with diarrhea problems and luckily the doctors never did major weird tests, but from blood or whatever, did say I was injesting something that was making me sick but didn't know what. I tried all the normal allergy testing and that wasn't it. I figured it was nerves (which of course always does contribute to ALL problems). One day I was getting a friend myself a Diet Coke and I asked a friend if she wanted one and she said, "Oh gosh no, I get terrible runs from it." And I said, "I've NEVER heard of that. Why ins't that on the news or something. From that moment on, I stopped all diet anything. I think its the aspertame and derivatives. Anyway, I wasn't a diet person, except once maybe in a week I would take something, and be sick for 5 days, so it went on for 6 years that way not knowing. Long story short, since I stopped (and of course all gum except real sugar gum), I'm like a 15 year old again. Beyond PERFECT. Please try that first before other tests. It was like a miracle.

so i finally got the test today and let me just say it was not "a walk in the park" i actually got two the flex sig and an EDG they said so far they know i have acid reflux however that is not the cause of my main problem and they took 6 biopsies and i will have the results in a week here is hoping it is not what was origanally thought (cancer) with my luck they will find nothing and i will need more test but we will just have to wait and see<br />
paper work i got has some writing on it but its doctor writing i think i could make out what a dog writes quicker than a doctor no offense to any of you that are haha i should have asked but i was pretty doped up and only thinking of food one of the words looks like "a n i t i s" what that is i have no clue well if anybody knows what it may mean let me know thanks<br />

no the doctor wants to figure out why my iron is low first since im not anemic he said does it make any sense i have no idea i eat bread and bananas all the time it doesnt set it off but it doesnt make it not happen either hopefully all if well i think it is something like ibs but when i heard cancer i freaked out i think i have calmed down a bit since then though

This sounds like either ibs or that ulcer colloid thingy. i would be surprised if cancer as in the case of my uncle it had the opposite effect!! Bananas aren't helping you? Even poor white bread might do. I have ibs and have had ulcers and duodenitis and it sin't pleasant at all. I hope that all goes well and that the sigmoidoscopy reveals nothing of concern. Do you take Iron tablets at the mo?

oh boy do i ever diarrhea, cramps, bloating, a constant urge to go, sometime however i can not, black stool, nausea, low iron which in turns mean im always sleeping i have given up on the possibility that my diarrhea is because of a certain food it happens with no rhyme or reason it wakes me up in the middle of the night or i just cant get to sleep at all i have fallen asleep on the toilet before and i have had many embarissing moments in a puplic place to the point of not going anywhere without a change of clothes not to be too discusting or anything. (sorry) i went to the doctor with this problem thinking it was IBS or something of that sort but he said he wants and upper endoscopy and a Sigmoidoscopy to check for cancer i havent been scheduled for it yet but the Veterans Affairs is usually slow with stuff i will keep posting thanks for the prayersTabitha

Hey hunny:-) Do you have any other symptoms other than diarrhea? Let me just say to keep your chin up and your spirits high. There are several things that can be wrong with the bowels that isn't cancer. When are you going in for your test or have you already?<br />
It's better to know so that you can take of whatever it is that's the problem. Trust me hunny, I know and I'm sure you're scared, you have every right to be, it's always scary to go through something like that. My thoughts and prayers are coming your way and God bless always....sending love and hugs...Xo~sugar~Xo