Life Time Of Sigmoidoscopies

I am 34 and have had a life time of rigid and flexibile sigmoidoscopies along with colonoscopies due to an on going bowel problem since a very young age.  My first sigmoidoscopy was when I was 8 years old and was a rigid sigmoidoscopy exam.  I still can remember wondering why my mom was making take an enema before I went off to school.  After a few hours in school the office call my teacher and told her my mom was there to pick me up for a doctor appointment.  I was clueless on what doctors appointment I was going to.  My mother usually would tell me that she is going to pick me up to go to the dentist, eye doctor, or regular doctor.  This morning she did not.  We made the quick trip down the road from my elementary school to the hospital and doctors office complex nearby.  I was still clueless on what was about to happen until we made it to the doctors office door which immediately told me what was up.  First I remember being called back and sitting in an office on one side of a desk next to my mom.  Shortly a grey haired older doctor walked in and sat down on the other side of the desk from us.  He asked my mom a bunch of questions and then turned to me and asked me why I had trouble pooping.  Being imbarassed I remember just shrugging my shoulders and then the doctor went back talking to my mom.  Shortly after that the doctor called a nurse and directed my mom and I to follow her down to the exam room.  I remember entering the exam room and seeing the big ominous procto table standing in the middle of what seemed to be a huge room.  The nurse handed me a gown and pointed me to the bathroom and told me to take everything from my waist down off.  I remember putting the gown over my shirt but worrying if it would get dirty during the exam and my classmates saying something.  Once I got the gown on I came out of the bathroom into the exam room to find my mom talking with the doctor and nurse.  The doctor ordered my mom to the head of the exam table and me to the foot of the table with him. The doctor gave me a boost up to the kneeling shelf on the foot of the table and had me kneel and bend over the table towards my mom.  I remember the doctor raising the table and me trying to duck thinking he was going to run my back into the exam light hanging above me from the ceiling.  Then he tilted the table forward so that my feet and butt were up in the air and my head was down.The doctor openned my gown and I was just devastated, extremely embarrassed, and scared to death.  Laying bent over a tilted proctology table with my bare butt, bare legs, and bare feet dangling up in the air with a doctor, nurse, and my mom looking at me my dignity was distroyed.  The first part of the exam which I now know was the digital rectal exam did not last long, was a little uncomfortable, but when it was over I thought that was not bad.  There was a short pause and I heard some things going on behind me.  Next the doctor told my mom to hold me that "this" is going to be uncomfortable.  The next thing I know I felt the worst, sharp pain in my bottom.  I immediately started saying owww, owww, owww, it hurts, it hurst, please stop.  My mom told me later in life that she asked the doctor if the scope was too big, which the doctor said no.  My mom said the doctor put a huge metal scope that would make an adult hurt all the way up my rearend.  My mom said she cried with me and was upset seeing her son going through a very embarrassing and painful exam.  She said the doctor had to talk her through my exam.  The exam to take forever but mom said it only last a few minutes.  I only remember the doctor saying we are half way done and then telling me when he was removing the scope.  As the scope was coming out I remember feeling a little relief.  My butt was still on fire and hurt really bad.  I remember laying in the embarrassing position with my feet and butt up in the air for a minute will the nurse wiped me and the doctor talked to my mom.  The table was lowered but I did not want to move because my rearend hurt so much.  I remember asking if I could just rest for a minute but my mom told me no to get up and get dressed.  I remember tip toeing across the floor think that there might be peoples poop / germs on the floor and the I did not want it on my feet.  After getting dressed we left and I remember asking my mom if I could go home and not go back to school that day because my butt hurt.  She said no.  We went across the street to Burger King to eat afterward since I missed lunch at school.  I still remember being so embarrassed going back to school knowing my classmates would ask where I went.  My mom told me to tell them that I went to an eye doctor appointment.  I spent the rest of the day trying to not to waddle at school because my butt was on fire.  My biggest concern was that one of my classmates had the same last name as my proctologist and that he might be her dad, and my secret would be out.  Since then I have had many sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, and anoscopy exams.  As an adult they are not that bad, both rigid and flexible.  As a child though it is a devistating event.  Thank God that times have changed and that the patients dignity is more of a concern than back in the early '80 when I went through my first exam from an old school doctor nearing retirement.  I still am a little bothered still to this day being made to lay bent over a procto table at 8 years old naked from the waist down with my feet and butt up in the air with a doctor putting a huge scope up my butt.  But I survived and survive to today each time I go in for an exam. 

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Man that was terrible. It's the not knowing what's going to happen next that is the worst! I don't know why doctors feel it's necessary to keep you in the dark about a precedure. Glad your ok now. Good luck to you in the future!