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Race Against The Skunk!!

Me, my mom, little sister and my best friend were taking a walk once, around 9 pm, so it was dark out. We were slowly walking and talking, while my little sister played around us. All of a sudden, my little sister stopped walking and said "Look mommy! A dog!" We all turned around to see a skunk staring at us!!!!! It was a few feet away, on the front porch of a house on the street we were walking on. We all froze, knowing that if it felt threatened, it would spray us. And those things can spray QUITE FAR!!! We counted to 3 and all started running in different directions, my mom picked up my sister and ran straight to our house which was down the street, me and my best friend ran across the street and down, then made it to my house. We got soo scared of being sprayed. But now, when we look back at it, we must've looked like a bunch of lunatics running in all directions LOL Hey, at least we didn't get sprayed!
jewel76 jewel76 36-40, F Mar 10, 2011

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