A Long But Satisfying Skunk-seeking Tonight.

I'd been psyching myself up a lot for the trip to the lake tonight, knowing I have 2 days in a row off for work just in case the odor should cling slightly. When I finally drove out there however and looked around, it took a very long while to even run across any skunks; unfortunately for me the few I did find usually found EXCELLENT hiding places that a skunk can scale and climb into but a human can't without risking injuring himself, like large jagged rocks by the lake, or a heavily tree and foliage-covered area with sudden drops to a creek that you can't see until you're about to fall.

After searching for hours, I figured I'd simply wait in a place I knew they lived in and let them come to me. I heard some kits screeching loudly behind some bushes, and shortly afterward a skunk poked out of the woods, probably a mom going off to look for food for her kits. I gave chase multiple times all around the treeline, but she kept simply misting my pant legs and then ducking back into the creek area where I dare not follow or risk breaking my leg or worse. I did manage to flush her out into the open one final time and briefly gripped her tail only to fall mid-way, receiving a nice musky blast in the face and right arm, but quite a few bruises and friction burns from falling on rough grass. She didn't seem hurt, luckily, and squeezed into a storm drain only an inch or so wider than my arm, likely taking advantage of my confused state to high-tail it back into the woods while I was distracted looking around for her.

I didn't have to time to slip on the goggles so my eyes were sprinkled and burned for a few minutes, but no blindness. The smell was of course as majestically potent as ever. I tend to notice the sulfur and gasoline scents the most on a fresh spray, they really stand out, with the strong garlic and burnt rubber parts of skunk mixing into the background. While I'd prefer I get good and saturated as usual, I'll happily settle for what I managed to get tonight.

I drove home in a very nice, calm, relaxed state, that potent aroma keeping me company all the while. I relished in the "aura" I'd been given, knowing no one would come near me except a fellow skunk-sniffer, quite an enticing feeling. Naturally when I got home I zipped up my skunked clothing in the Space Bags, and then promptly mixed the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to deodorize. Assessing the situation I think my precautions paid off. My cell phone doesn't seem to be hit (I wouldn't have had it on me at all but I lost my flashlight back in April and thus needed it for a makeshift light) but the phone holster is strongly skunky, presumably from absorbing background skunkiness, in which case it SHOULD fade in a few days. I wore my backup watch which is skunky enough that I declared it sprayed just in case and put it with the rest of my skunky clothes as a souvenir.

I think I'll take a hiatus from the lake until the kits grow up enough to start training with their mom, that way I won't have to do any more awkward chases to get doused.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

I got sprayed once as a child and that was enough for me !

Well it's certainly not for everyone. I've loved the scent since I was a kid and even I had to build up a bit of a tolerance for it at high levels, like a fresh spray. But now I enjoy the scent of skunk both up-close and weaker on the wind.

Awww, that's sweet to hear about the kits and mother skunk. Hope you get the chance to meet the entire family some night with possibly 10 or more glands firing at you all at once!<br />
<br />
Cleanup for me would be tricky, due to living in a large apartment building. Hate to get any complaints from the neighbors. Outside cleanup might be possible in a local park. Just a matter of logistics and what to do with clothing..