Skunktember Lake Visit, Heavy Spraying!

Just got back from another fun little trip to the lake. Sorry I hadn't had one in a few months but there was a major setback: My Space Bags full of sprayed clothing and skunk-seeking equipment seem to been lost in my most recent move (despite my best efforts to ensure their safety) and I've been completely unable to recover them so far, so instead I bought painter's coveralls and wore those to the lake over less-than-expendable street clothes (the shirt I can do without, but the jeans, well, I only have a few pairs...)

Anyway I drove up to the lake at about midnight or so, slipped on the coveralls, removed my watch, and started skunk-seeking with a replacement flashlight. Soon after getting out of the car and looking in a habitat spot I caught a nice whiff of the scent, so I knew one had to be nearby and just announced their presence. Circling a pond I looked about with the light and it shone upon many false alarms (it's a golf course so the sand pits have black rakes in them). When I finally saw one of the black shapes move, then outright run, the white stripes flashing, I knew I had a beauty to chase. I ran after her and as soon as I got close I knew she was spraying me since that pungent aroma filled the air immediately.

Smiling and sniffing, I soon made it up to her close enough to grip the tail, and felt her mist over my hand before I finally let her escape. I looked down at my coveralls and they were COVERED in droplets, some areas outright *drenched* in skunky amber stains and all of it reeking beautifully. I kept looking for another skunk but my search turned up empty, and I knew the longer I hung out at the lake the more likely I was to be discovered (this wouldn't be a problem, but bright white coveralls tend to clash and I'm sure the park patrol would take notice of that), so I headed home reeking to high heaven.

It's been so long since I was last sprayed I'd almost forgotten how incredibly sweet that scent can be. I sniffed it at the highest strength (right after the spraying) and am even now enjoying the sweet musky parts of the scent, despite the other ranker garlicky, burnt rubbery and sulfurous parts which are what everyone complains about the most. Since I had a decent amount of privacy in my car I very much enjoyed my skunkiness with the windows rolled up and my seat leaned back, to put it mildly. I sniffed my sprayed fingers heavily of course, but the best stuff was the stream of spray splashed on the left knee of the coveralls, just heavenly!

I've deodorized the affected skin, but now I'm starting to wonder if the spray made it through the coveralls, because my pants and shirt still smell VERY strongly of skunk. Granted, if they're NOT hit then it's just the scent sticking to them from the coveralls and wearing the clothes in the car, and will fade eventually (or better yet, I could wash them). Even so, I guess it's about time I bought new jeans!

For those interested in seeing the coveralls, I'll see what I can do about getting photos tomorrow afternoon when I've got more light. I obviously can't just bring them inside, I'm stinking up the house enough as it is! Happy Skunktember everyone!
Tybron Tybron
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3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I wouldn't mind seeing them either

Dude! Nice! You must stink! :)

Oh it's glorious, and for skunk sniffers like me that can detect and enjoy the sweeter, more intoxicating parts of skunk, it's heavenly!

Nice! Yeah I couldn't find the sweet part when my ex passed out, what an experience that was!

I wouldn't mind seeing them!