Freshly Perfumed And Inhaling Happily!

Hey guys, just had another fragrant trip to the lake tonight! Sadly I may have only found 1 skunk which makes me think that's all that's left (I may have inadvertently caused another culling with the recent rabies "scare"). She seemed to recognize me because no matter how much I chased, the little cutie wouldn't so much as sprinkle me until I'd fully caught her by the tail and teased it out of her. I kept the bold-striped beauty at arm's length of course and did wear semi-protective gloves (weight-lifting gloves cover everything but the tips of the fingers and below the wrists yet still allow a firm grip). As she squirted my right hand I happily dabbed it across my neck, face, under my nose (of course) and a little on my chest, just like fine cologne when preparing for a hot date.

I let her go gently once I noticed she wouldn't squirt anymore (whether she was empty or not I may never know, but she certainly wouldn't inform me!). While I did look for other skunks, most likely I kept running into the same one considering her high-alert behavior and making a mad dash every time she smelled me.

I'm enjoying myself quite a bit now, breathing deeply of my fine skunky aroma. I've got my room sealed off with the fan going full-blast out the window, which I'm sure the neighbors just adore.

A few years ago I ordered a skunk-scented candle from Mandleco and originally thought it was a bust since it smelled nothing like skunk, but uponm closer inspection (sniffing myself then the candle) I can tell they actually tried VERY hard to emulate the sweet musky parts of skunk, and it does come close, though it's just a little too flowery.

So that's another enjoyable skunk encounter for the score card. She probably squirted over my pants and boots, but it's hard to tell, it seems the sprays were greatly directed at my grabby hands (even the goggles don't look to be splashed), which is fine because it meant I could quickly spread the lovely perfume wherever I wanted it, and did. ^!^

Since winter is coming it'll be too cold for chases, so don't expect another update until maybe February, guys. I will happily discuss skunkiness in skunk-related groups though!
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Thanks much for your latest adventure. Do you have enough skunked clothes to smell up until February?

I would say yes, as well as other skunked items that should remain nice and pungent for quite some time.

Another great story! I wonder if Mandleco still sells those skunk scented candles.

They seem to have discontinued them, which breaks my heart because my candle is almost entirely melted. I left it in my car during a move and the summer heat caused it to melt out into my car's cubby-hole, giving it a thick coat of candle wax. Only a little remains, but since the candle never gave off an odor when I burned it I'll just have to be happy with what I've got.

Hilarious, but mean. I wouldn't do that in Sagnasty because you might just get your house firebombed.

Ah, you meant the neighbors. Actually I live in a fairly run-down neighborhood at the moment (kinda forced on us when we sold the house and had nowhere else to go) and am in a crappy old house that sat abandoned for over a year. Junkies used to use the place to do drugs and sleep, and not all of them know it's a residence again, so they frequently try to just waltz on in and if not for the dogs barking and chasing them off, they'd probably rob us blind. We also have skunks locally, so I think the neighbors just assume one got hit or sprayed a stray cat.

Well cool. Again doing that in Sagnasty is a deathsentance.