" Skunk Hogging"

Well it was a perfect, normal day in Sagnasty ( what I call Saganaw) with all the bank robberies, killings and other hainous crimes. I was taking the trash out and carefully checking for pipe bombs that are notorious for killings here, though most are found. And taken to the police carefully.
Anyway back to the story. I took out the first can all normal. Litle did I know there were a family of five skunks coming from right in frount of me. Uggghhhh I am such a daydreamer. I turn around and hear a SCRAPE! SCRAPE! Naturally I expected it to be the stupid neighborhood cat ( I hate normal cats) and get ready to grab, and break it's neck. Of corse I was wrong. It was the family of cute skunks. The mama sprayed me, and bolted to let the four kits to finish off their meager supply. The last one that was left got his tail grabbed gently as I tried to coax out more. Only sprayed once more. I looked up for a split second and say mama charching at me. Not as if she was going to spray, as if to bite. I let go and back off slowly. This allowed mama to nail me twice more.
Am I the luckiest skunk-seeker or what? It was the heviest skunking I had ever recieved. I thanked them in a calming tone, and retreated inside. My friends all laughed exept for one. Turns out has asthma. Thay asked me to leave the house while the retrieved the inhaler. I come back in and all of them say " skunk hogger" I laughed and said " you know I get to keep this until unday you know."
Even still I have foun a way to make it so only I can smell, or else I wouldn,t be alloud back in Collage until I deoderized wich for me is a painful procedure.
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Mmmmmm fantastic, I'm very jealous. It's every skunk-seeker's dream to find a mom and kits since that ensures a very heavy perfuming from very willing skunk moms and kits (and it gives the kits necessary target practice!), and you just stumbled on them out of pure luck! I've been looking for moms and kits at the lake after every mating season, but only find either a mom or kit separately, never together.
Which method are you using to ensure only you smell it? White vinegar, or just really light application of the hydro-peroxide/baking soda mix? I've noticed white vinegar left me skunky for a good week and only I seemed to notice it, but H2O2 makes it fade much faster (even so I am enjoying sniffing my sprayed fingers while the scent lasts!).

I simply dab a EXTREAMLY small quantity under my nose. This rarly works though.

Dang, I almost never see wild skunks. I'm not living in the right places.

Maraculously when I was younger I only ran into a skunk once. And I lived in farmland. Of corse it was the spark of my skunkseeking.