I Would Slugged That Sob If...

Really, If my husband wouldn't have held me back, I would have probably went to jail for assult.  Man this guy was a piece of work.  I was very young and niave and made the mistake of paying him in cash a couple of times. 

When we gave are notice to move he came up with a cockeyed story of us owing him months rent.  I took the lumps on that one, my husband wasn't to happy with me not getting a reciept.  So rather than fight this idiot, we genorously painted his whole 3 bedroom houses exterior.

Would you believe moving day this SOB came to hassle us again with threats of going to the J.P.  Even though he agreed the painting would compinsate him.  It took everything my husband had to hold me back.  I mean the size of this guys balls... 

This guy was so pathetic he'd dress up in old clothes and drive his clunker to collect the rent.  But had money.  So If your young, or about to get your first appartment, take heed...      Never Ever Pay In Cash and if you do get a reciept and file it.

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1 Response Sep 24, 2007

My son just learned that lesson,it is not fun.