I Have Two Now!

My landlords  and I used to get along well. I was happy to find a sane place to live 4 years ago--and he and his wife were friendly.

As the years have passed they have found that it takes a lot to keep up my apt and the 5 other apts they own. They are tired of the financial drain and realize that these old apts were not a good investment. Their solution is to not fix anything. And to keep raising the rent. I am sad and mad at them. Our once easy relationship is disintegrating because I am letting them both know that I am not happy with their refusal to fix anything. Oh..occasionally they make promises....but in the end? Do nothing. It is hard for me to keep a good vibe with them when I am so disgusted with them. I don't believe anything they say...and refuse to just say nothing because we had a good relationship for 4 years. They are not keeping up their responsibilities...and I just can not act like it is cool anymore.


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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Tenents have a lot of rights in this state. I could have forced them to fix certain things a long time ago--I just didn't because I was trying to maintain a good relationship with them. I have sadly discovered that they are only nice if I agree with them, don't force any repair related issue, people please them and let their crap lay undisturbed....THe husband does his own repairs too--unless he is forced to call in someone. That makes me nervous when it is an electical matter. THere was a fire in one othe other apts three years ago and the word was that he had done some electrical work just prior.....he denies this. I am biding my time at this point. Picking my battles and making sure that I have legal rights in any area I bring up to him. I am planning on this being my last year here. THanks for sharing.....and commenting.

I am sorry to read that, Shameless. Something seems to change people when they own property -they suddenly think they own the tenants as well, and have the right to dictate how they should live. Is there an organisation near you which protects the rights of tenants?<br />
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My own landlord used to live next door, which was fine, as he was in his 90s and always had a smile and a story for me (though it was usually the same story!). Now his son and daughter have taken over and the rent just keeps going up and up. And the son insists on doing the maintenance himself, instead of calling in the plumber or electrician.