I Don't Know If He Was A Sociopath, But He Was A Monster

I had a friend from childhood, Eric. I still see him, a lot. He lives down the street from me. When we were little, we became best friends, and we only had each other.

I don't remember getting bullied that young, but I know he was, and we planned how to get "our" revenge. We came up with all of these idea, torture devices and lairs we would build to keep and destroy all the people that hurt us. He told me a lot of lies, one of them being that his friend was a genius and could build these devices. I seriously thought all of this would happen.

One day, he took me into his family's computer room, and shut the door (this wasn't allowed at his house when I was over). Then, he pulled up a bookmark page, and showed me his "secret". It was a website full of naked women. I was seven, and should have known it was wrong, and I did deep inside, but we looked at those pages again and again anyway.

The worst part is he told me the girls who were on the websites got a lot of money. He told me when we run away together, we wouldn't have to work if we took pictures of me naked. Of course, we'd have to wait until I was "ready". I agreed.

Luckily that didn't happen and we're no longer friends, but I feel like he remembers that promise, and he might attack me at any time. I know it's crazy, but still...

So he may or may not have been a sociopath. I don't know if he ever felt shame, I know he was never embarrassed when I was near him. But he was manipulative, a liar, and a monster.
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Probably not a sociopath. While that is quite an elaborate "scheme" for a young boy to come up with. It was probably inspired by an older sibling talking about adult themes and that infected a young boy's imagination.

I doubt he will "attack" you with that. What else is he like? If you know the basic fundamentals of a sociopath apply them. You've known him for a long time. Does he fit the criteria?

I haven't talked to him in years, and my memory has blocked a lot of the time when we were friends, so I can't really say for sure. He doesn't have an older sibling, and he's parents were very strict with him when I was over (he couldn't close doors, we couldn't be alone for too long etc.) so I don't really know...