Old Friend

He was a friend I knew from Cub Scouts. We grew up together, him a year a head of me. In college he used and abused myself, his ex-fiance, his roommate, etc... It was really not noticeable till I saw him outside of his parent's view or societies. Still cant trust that many people after some of the stuff he pulled on me.

MacGreggor MacGreggor
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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

It's been my experience that when the 'user' is older than you, or in some way has more power than you, it can be really hard to see their behaviour for what it is. <br />
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I liked what you said about noticing it when the background changed.

It sucks honestly. He was one of my closest friends so due to him I don't trust many people.

Last time I saw him was three months ago when I went to visit my parents. He is a line cook at a 24 hour diner near where we grew up owing 20K for college debts since he failed out shortly after I posted this message.

Is that Karma? I like to think so.