More Of A Concept Album


I recently discovered that a long established and well loved band have released their new album and that three of the songs on it are about a relationship I had with an ex who became a good friend of the singer/songwriter about four years ago. I guess the story came out during one of their golf games and it got the creative juices flowing. It's only obvious if you know our story. A few inside details help, but if you were curious you could work it out. It's an extremely odd feeling. Initially I was intensely curious and then thrilled. Then I felt rather angry that my experiences had been co-opted without my knowledge. It's a good thing I am a fan of the band and the story is sensitively told. There are nods and jokes in most of the other songs too. Even the back cover is part of "our" story.

It was in the charts. It was very weird going into the record store and seeing it there. I sent a thank you to the band so they know I know. The ex is still the ex, although clearly he still had strong emotions at the time of telling our story.

It has made me realise how much can be in a song that we are not usually aware of. This band are famous for their convoluted lyrics and many references to popular culture and the fans pour over the lyrics to find them. But they have missed the bigger picture. A few have expressed suspicions that something more is going on.. So many little jokes are there that only the three of us will ever enjoy. Yet the songs stand alone as good tracks. In fact I think having a bit of real human interest content has made this their best album. I guess I am biased. Also I cannot tell what secret agendas are on their previous albums. We could form a club if we knew about each other.

My main "song" is called Fix it So She Dreams of Me. I guess Nigel fixed it for my ex.
RitaExcavated RitaExcavated
Oct 31, 2011