Spiritual Awakening

I had an experience almost 3 years ago, that changed my soul forever. The short n sweet story of it is that I was praying for my girlfriend, at the time. I was laid back as though I was tried, but I was wide awake. Eyes closed, mind clear, (I mean crystal) I noticed what appeared to be a star off in the distance. I knew I wasn't dreaming, I said, "Ok God, you have my attention" It felt like someone put their hand on my knee, I was comforted like a cradled baby against a mothers chest. That's the only way I can describe it. I was given a small glimpse of God, Heaven, and Hell. The latter literally scared the hell out of me. For months after that, I started learning at an alarming rate, getting words and numbers in my mind constantly...seeing flashes of light, feelings like I was being passed through by spirits. At one time I was crying for days, if not weeks at the drop of a hat. I was riddled with these feelings of sorrow and guilt. I never felt so humbled.

I am sure God wanted me to do a few things, one being to go west, the other to leave the girlfriend, I did neither and have since lost that amazing sensation I had.

I turned my back on God for the girlfriend. I knew then, that just when you think you know what you want in life, God's plan for you can change at any given moment, you have to be willing to drop what you are doing and go with it.

I created this to talk to people who have had a similar experience, the awakening part. I wish to get back in touch with it, and people who have shared it.
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Amazing story. :) I've recently had similar awakening. Have you read about Thought Adjusters and Father Fragment? Interesting stuff!!

It's very closed minded to expect anyone who has not been given a 'sign' to immediately fall into eternal damnation. I ask the question in my blog ; What of the hermit in the desert?, a man never given a chance to choose from the millions of so called 'one true gods' ? Just because he has never made a choice and prayed, does that mean he is set for hell just the same as the man that kills three thousand men?<br />
Believe me, it would be nice if what you say is true. Sadly there’s nothing to support it. Please join me in my quest to understand the millions that choose a belief. Comment on the my blog, given your gift of being able to readily articulate your beliefs you should have no problem joining in. <br />
Hope to hear from you soon.

Well.. I have seen God a few times now.. if I had to describe it.. God appeared so bright that God was black.. with a faint blue.. white.. flame emanating around.. One time I saw what appeared to be God hanging from a cross, that's when I noticed the flames the best. In this vision, I mainly saw just a face, the weird part was that I'm sure there were lightning bolts in the eyes, like a cartoon bloodshot look.<br />
<br />
As for heaven, if you could imagine looking down on the clouds, it was like a sea of spirits, all as one. If you like to hear crickets, you will hear them before you even know you want to, the sound of water.. when you feel.. your entire being will feel it, you will be completely engulfed in the spirit. I get tingles just thinking about it.. -)<br />
<br />
As for hell..<br />
<br />
Hell will look just like earth, at least at first, Imagine it from a sexual deviant's point of view. A guy will be able to hail a cab, call an escort, or pick up some woman in a bar, he'll ask her for oral and she'll oblige with no argument, he'll be able to have his beer, have his drugs, have his lustful sex.. the minute he tries to have a heart to heart conversation, and all the woman will say is.. I'll suck your.. and the cab driver will say, where to? When he realizes there's no one to talk to, no soul, no opinion, nothing but him and the rest of the sinners and their sins, that's when he will he realize he is in hell... for eternity, his soul will be completely and utterly alone... well minus Satan. He'll be there to. the same fate don't forget.