He Was My Uncle

he was my uncle and i trusted him. i mean who doesn't when they're 6 years old right? anyway, my mom and dad started fighting and my dad would always bring my uncle into it.He always came drunk and he was very abusive. my mom finally had enough and we moved outta the house. We moved to a close friend of my mom's house and one day when we came back from grocery shopping, my moms friend told us that she saw his car pass outside her house trying to find my moms car. If that wasn't bad enough, my mom kept getting calls from him saying "you stupid......thats not his child you ....... cheater" (my sister was born around this time).

one time i was on the playground during recess at school and i saw him on his bike circling the school. i started crying and the teacher told him not to come around anymore. Around that time he got probation and moved back to Mexico. Things got pretty quiet around that time until about 2 years ago. My mom and me (my sister was with my grandpa) were going to the gym, when all of a sudden she told me "Whatever you do do NOT turn around," i looked in the side window and saw that it was him. my mom didn't want him to know where she went to the gym so she drove around. he was following us for about an hour until he finally gave up.

Me and mom still don't mention anything about what happened. he lives in mexico with my grandma and my mom is scared to ask for her address because she doesn't want him to see how we look like right now. We don't know when or if he's coming back, but we really hope he doesnt
artisticvillan artisticvillan
Jul 10, 2010