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Not One...I Had More Than One Stalkers

Before My College :

 When  I  was  young and almost  9 th grade , lots of guy  followed me , disturbed me over phone  Some of  them are neighbours, some are distant neighbour, even some are my distant  relatives . But  it  was not so serious.......when  i  was in 11 th grade still many guys from my  class  followed me in the same manner, disturbed a lot but  in vain. One was really  different from them. He  tried so many ways......waited for me in front of my school......i  didn't care......tried to capture my photo......folllowed me upto my house......involved  my  female friends to disturb me.....he involved another guy for this purpose but  that  guy  instead of helping him started following me......i  thought  he forget me...but  even few months ago during my last semester of graduation he send message in my dad's mobile number about me......even after my graduation he send several messages in my dad's number and called my dad even. But  recently he stopped .

In My College :

During my first year in my college i've heard  almost all the guys from mechanical department ( mostly ) discussed about me in hostel . Recently  one of my friends told me ( he was in my department ) he didn't  know  who i'm at  the very  first  time though we are in the same department but  he became very curious to see me because all the guys discussed about me after college. Almost  10-15 guys from all departments after me. They  followed me , invented so many different ways for this ( not all at the same time same year ) in different time but continuously ( someone for 5 months, some for 6 months, some for two years ) . Those guys are of  different types,, some showed heroism in front of me, some are comparetively nervous,,, It was like a drama to me. First  I  blocked them , but  they used different numbers so  i  have to change phone no several times as it was spread out all over the college. One was from mechanical department followed me whole four years of my graduation. At   seventh semester  he became violent .....he called day in and day out in my land phone.....even  at mid-night. He  behaved  like crazy .  He came to my house i don't have any idea how he knew my address ! !   I complained  to our principal  with an  written letter about  his irritating behavior inside the college campus. I know he have nothing to do about any incident outside college campus. But  that letter was enough ! !  His parents was called . I talked with his dad. He was quite nice with me. He  feft  little shame after that incident  because the drama was infront of  the whole college. He was thretened that  if he disturbs me any more he will not be allowed to sit in the final semester. He stopped  then.
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How r undoing now?

hello r u richa my friend

yes, and who r u ?

My most bad souvenir was in univ. (french equ of MSEE degree), we have two girl in our session. A guy seems disturbed by these students. Most of my friend follow me when we catch this guy to give him a lesson (non physically violent), but with the art to explain things as they would be !<br />
Never again, this guy continue to hurt our friends and colleague now !<br />
We all are diplomed now, and theses two girl are exeptional designers.<br />

hi richa can i ask you some advice, those men who is always stalking me hurted my friends and my boyfriend i don't want someone get hurt again and also he tried to rape me but i managed to leave because there was a woman who saw us i dont know how to deal with it anymore i dont want to report it to the police because they are so many and i dont even know some of them not that im bragging but im a model but i quitted because of what happened plsss help me with some of your advice

That really sounds dangerous , my case was not that serious , you should inform police and tell someone your close friend whom you can trust

I understand you.. I've had a LOT of stalkers guys and girls... and is really annoying and sometimes sick... there was this guy that followed me for a LONG time and all I ever did was saying "good afternoon" and that was enough for him to think I wanted to have sex with him, that we had chemestry and I was like WTF??? I felt so vulnerable... is a horrible experience almost every time and dangerous you don't know what kind of wacko is stalking you... :S

I can understand coz I am also an engineering student ( Mechanical ) and I know how fanatic guys are here :) God bless u dear

thanks :)

hi richa...i can understand your feelings..when i was in college i tried to stop my friends who disturbed girls..i think they too needs to be respected...


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i'm not interested about your uncle....thank you

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