I Hate To Admit It But....

Back in 1992 I stalked someone myself.I did it because I was so mixed up and I did'nt like myself.
This person was everything I was'nt (in my mind).I wanted this person to love me so bad.But you
know what I know now that I did'nt know then.You got to love yourself.I'm sure this person is very
glad I've moved
sigsing sigsing
51-55, F
2 Responses Jan 27, 2012

The thing about this is, you're a female. And as a woman, we sometimes get very emotional and observant. I've not stalked, but highly admired people before and followed all of their socia l networking sites and such as a learning experience. I like to absorb advice from the way those that I admire are. I like to see how they live because I want to better myself. If these things are never done with the intention of being harmful or without any inappropriate, space invading actions I consider it a healthy way of "monkey see monkey do" as a learning experience. Ya know?

Maybe if you are like this, do what I do! Drop them a message online saying "hey, (this about you) inspires me and Just so you know, you've gained a new follower (: "

I Cnt believe sum1 wd go out ther way 2 stalk-y wd u make sum1s life a livin hell, wat rite av u got 2 do tht

Hon, I think you'd better correct your english, for starters before throwing digs at someone. This person was brave enough to admit that she herself DID indeed stalk someone, and that is really saying something. I don't believe you have any right to judge her.
And to Sigsing, I respect that you had the guts to say that you've stalked someone and you admit that the reasoning behind it was irrational and you admitted that it was wrong. Apparently, some people cannot respect that but I do.

Uh...? I can't even ready what you're saying. What language is that?!