Ruined My Life

I'll tell you about it one day.
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Did you write a story about it? I see this was posted over 2 years ago....

I have sent my story to some people individually, I suppose I should go ahead and compile it for a post.

I was just interested... I've avoided a couple of wannabe stalkers. It's awful to have a full-fledged stalking I've heard. Glad it's in your past tense.

I'm sorry to read about such inconsiderate people. I would understand if you wrote it in your blog and kept it private. The lack of basic respect for your situation bothers me a lot.. Very insensitive, to say the least. I had one too, but I don't go into anything that would tip him off... and he moved away.... I'm sorry that you have been treated somewhat like a side show oddity... *hugs

I'm curious

I might, give me a few...

Sent the short form...

I understand. Someone very close to me was stalked, and I still blame them for the effect it's had on them.

could you tell me today?

I am not sure.
Who are you and from what contexts do we approach each other?
How did we come across trust for each other.

Haha well I'm sorry.
I'm fourteen, a girl, and from CA.
But I undersand your concern.

You list as 26 and not gendered, is that b/c of the privacy restrictions or the censors?

im listed as 26?
hahaha xD.
I don't know why there's know gender, I never edited the info.

yes, I do, but what do you mean?

I'm sorry, I was asking Polina, not you.... Hard to believe that anybody doesn't know what they set their age as...

Polina seems to be gone from the site....

Polina seems to be gone from the site....

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i bet it would be too..

I bet that would be an interesting story...tell us one day.