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I was 2004 early 2005 I believe I was in school went in the evening hours met a cool guy so i thought he was a little bit younger then me by about 2 years i believe... we started dating I had a car he had a car we were both in school no kids he stayed with his dad i stayed with my granny at the time we would kick it and do low cost things meaning get a 5 dollar pizzas, 99 cent mickey d's watch movies at his house cause I couldn't have any company at mine at all my granny wasn't having it my rules hadn't changed since I was 12 even though i was grown and had been out of the house and moved back in with her because she didn't wanna live alone

So we kicked it about I would say a month and some change he was a cool guy we would chilled never really went out wan't a big thing since both of us were working and going to school so my fuel pump went out on my car I would always meet him somewhere cause I disn't want my granny thinking that he had been in the house if she pulled up and I was leaving it's easier that way sad but true event hough I was in my mid 20's at the time... he came and got me so he knew where i stayed so we went to his house and house I should say his dad's house so a month into the relationship he wanted to have unprotected sex uhh no it's not going to happen so he accused me of having sex with other dudes blahh blahh blahh which i wasn't if I am dating you ou are the only guy I am dating and or having sex with if we are in a relationship he didn't even get to the raltionship state I knew then and there not the one for me told him we need to juct chill because trust is a big thing in a realtionship

That's when the calls started, on my cell my granny's phone and of course she was like what did u do to him y is he acting crazy nothing I told her he is slick crazy himself had to turn my cell phone off he started calling me from ever number possible that wasn't blocked and started leaving notes and my things i let at his house ie (nail polish simple thing like that ) I would just throw them on the ground and ride off had a feeling he was watching I had told the granny that I was going to put a restraining order out on him since I knew his address and he was listening but of course no don't do that to him he doesn't need that on his record please I gave him the benefit of the doubt on this sitaution

So finially after no contact for about 4 months from me he showed up at my granny;s house at 1130 at night with a hoodie on hood up and knocked on our door lol my granny yells thru the door" she let you know that she didn't wanna talk with you don't come around here anymore" I looked at her and whispered now do you beleive that he is crazy anything could have been waiting for me outside that door

He then looked at the door like we were the crazy ones and walked off I never saw him again

About 3 weeks later I got a weird voicemail seems that he had pocket dialed me and let me a voicemail the voicemail was a converstion that he had with a elderly gentleman the next door neighbor of the girl I guess he had been stalking before or after me asking the man did he know where she had moved to the man after about 3 mins of the same type question she finally told him son I have told you a few times in this conversation that I don't know where the girl moved to about a min later you can hear him getting in his car music blasting and realizing that the phone had been on the whole time and hangs up!!!
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Mar 14, 2012