Actually It Was Three...

The first was in high school, a pathetic little man who wouldn't leave me alone when I worked at a fast food place. My friends would voluntarily go out into the dining area when it was my turn to sweep. He would stay in the dining area for hours. He finally stopped when he got himself an asian girlfriend more his age.

The last 2 are more recent. Had one follow me around as I did my job, pretending to be cleaning something the whole time. He was a janitor. He grabbed my purse one day as I was leaving and was reprimanded. The last would stand in the corner of the room I was working in and stare at me. I asked him to quit and he said it was too hard. Went to my boss; he was told a different story. The watching continued until he saw me talking and laughing with another male coworker and beat the crap out of him later. They fired him; thank God I never saw him again.

I'll never understand why some people do this.
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I HAVE a stalker! The story is bizarre. She was a co-worker who I was instrumental at getting terminated from her job. If you're insterested in hearing about it, feel free to message me and I'll tell you more, but I don't want to do so publicly.

You must be very sweet and good looking, and they must be very timid and lonely or something, it could be both.<br />
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I had a stalker, they stalked me for an entire year. Eventually I got fed up with it and had me a "nigga moment"; they left me alone after that. I feel kinda bad about it, don't think they were really a bad person. It's just that they were perpetually smothering me, wouldn't give me any space. And they were calling my house all the time and would keep me on the phone for hours every day.<br />
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Didn't want to hurt them, its just that they were driving me nuts.