The Text From No-one Part 1

It all began in high school. I was about mid-year of my second or third year in high school and i was pretty content with my life my grades; I didn't have a care in the world. I had nothing really special about me I didn't ever bring harm to others or even made enemies. I was your avarage school boy in an unavarage would just trying to get by. It was I believe in the spring of that year that it happened. I was in my room on my computer and it was my old one so it was full of viruses (part of the story). I had just gotten through looking up some things and then the text came.

"SAY CHEESE" the very first message from my stalker. To this day I can remember that text as if it will be forever scolded in my mind. I was like what? ok? this is weird as i thought to myself. Then 3 more came in "Say Cheese, Say cheese, say cheese" I responded in my text "umm i think you have the wrong number im sorry" they replied with a simple "oh no we have the right number we know we do..." I was thinking to myself ok who do they think they are talking to? I texted back once more "no you have the wrong number I dont know this number or who you are maybe you typed in a wrong digit or something.".............I waited for an applogy or i didnt even care i was just playing my xbox and enjoying myself and then it came through. "Oh no we know who you are...Mr. (incert last name)" At that point my heart skipped a beat and a half and it only got worse from that point on.

I was like ok this is just silly my friends must have given out my number or something... Yeah that's it! I was over reacting...or so i thought. I texted all my friends saying ok guys did you pass out my number? All the while the stalker kept messaging me. To my very shocking and frightend surprise no one had ever given out my number and that got me worried. I began to ask the stalker who are you really? did (incert name here) put you up to this? or do you know this person??? Nothing but them replying to me saying playful yet creepy things like "want to have a pillow fight with me tonight? My friend and i were planning on having one...naked over at our house...ooooh or maybe we'll come over and play with you." I tryed to think to myself how to respond to this. I was like "sure we can play! you be the idiot and ill be the one who beats the living **** out of you for breaking and entering my house" They replied as if i didnt say a word. "Oh and we'll have lots of fun watching you sleep. We did that the other night you know. :) ooooh i cant wait to lick your ears and have you lick mine and my friend's body as well... It will be so amazing to play with our new toy(aka me)"

I was scared. I have no shame in saying it. I was scared. Who the **** were these people was all that i had on my mind. I tryed the next best thing that i could think of. Threaten them... I tryed everything from cursing to saying ill kill them to the police what ever. Still nothing phased them. It went on for like a week... Then it stopped as sudden as it started. but that was not the end of it by far.... Next time the cryptic messages started.
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Okaii no offence but that's messed up !

just wait for part two >.>

Oh my ....