He Remains Out There.

This is written in response to the one who weaves questions. He knows who he is. I speak only the truth. I have no reason to lie. Anyone who knows me, knows this. You have behaved in a most heinous manner to me. You lied. You created such falsehoods. You are well aware of the truth on that. And you disappeared suddenly. You know when. And you returned. Hid in the shadows. And resumed your games. Pretended to be a friend of a dearone. And pretended even more. Never admitted who you were. Because you are dishonourable. That is you, indeed. I have not said anything untrue. I am saying leave me alone. You and your "friends" who are similar to you. Undesirables. You post lies to me. And then you do not let me respond. Of course not. Why would you? When your tongue utters such untruths....I am just sorry for those that you are currently manipulating....Why did you not reveal your true identity to me when you could? Only you know the answer to that. Because you did not change. Still the same cowboy # 2. That is most clear. I have nothing left to say. I do have saved documentation on our previous conversations. All of it. Saved in a safe place. So if you wish to pursue this, I am certainly prepared. Otherwise, go on with your foolishness by yourself. Stalkers are heinous. Everyone is well aware of that. So go away. I have no need to associate with undesirables. People who lie and do other atrocities like manipulating people...Taking advantage of people too. This matter rests now. The truth always comes out in the end. This time is no different. 2011A.  (Be warned- I am still pursuing those groups who are evil here. You will know my when you see me-by my smile and by my light. And you don't have a chance! kissessssssssssssssssss....)
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11 Responses Jan 4, 2013

Good for you. Kick this a-hole's butt.

AND....we have at least one in common....but he is being cornered now!


i think we give off more LIGHT or something....................

if we can stir up such a commotion in their heads that have them glued to us in such a manner....

obviously you won this battle long before they even began fighting it...

they always say it is we that are jealous of them,

but i realize now it is truly the other way around.

the lone figure sits in the corner of a shadow. long brown oilskin coat and matching hat make her nothing but a shapeless form... most eyes in the room skip right over her, but every now and then you see a glint of light fly off of the metal of the double barrell sawed-off shotgun she holds... or the quick glitter of a fiercely blue eye just watching.....
waiting, somewhat excitedly for the fun to begin.

I always thought 2011A was a chick? Oo

Ok OK 2011A ,i see why your so Aggressive. Me dont blame you and if i sound like one of those fo gib meh bc im not. I enjoy beautiful women company and have been known to get a lil carried away at times. Just shooo me , u cant go wrong and i wont be hurt or offended..k k
I am me and nothing to hide or lie about but ermm certain thigns i do or say is like one of those top secret , CIA, FBI ,, GAY ,, JK ....what im trying to say is theres not alot of ppl who i am open to and not alot knows this side of me, but me no SKURD... Im just saying relax ,im just a forest gump wunna be... but i can certainly understand how many girls are threaten by emo guys as these. Im not one .... CHeErs ~

yehhh , i been told that also, I knows. They call meh Da beast frum Da East, Da King of Da Jungle and dont beh skurd i dont bite or anything. Shyte i has tah rewrite 2nd story. You kno wut? Your the 1st person besides my gf i ever told anything to or rather things of these freaks of nature does. Ok ok i bettah get started , da nite is young...

moosh is obviously a troll who will troll you once YOU REFUSE HIM......................

Wow. I hear a small tidbit here and there about what seems to be respectively and respectfully a similar scenario- and it is disturbing. Its good that you wrote this as it helps create awareness but I'm still slightly puzzled.. which is ok. I can dig what ur saying.. & it is great you have friends that support you.

I guess I'm just feeling a lil dense bcuz I don't know the whole story- which I respect- it baffles me people going through the extent and time and effort just to hurt good people like its a game. Thank you again for sharing this.

dude the ones i fear most are the ones with messiah complexes creating their own experience groups and little followings on ep


I understand how you feel. I have posted lots of stories on here. All truthful and yet we have a small group of baiters & haters who try to tear down encouragement or try tearing you down by insults and character assassination. Thanks for the story.

i see that the only attention they get is on FORUMS like these where there are lots of people to PESTER....when they create their own websites, they go unnoticed....it enrages them and then they go to another website where there are people to bug, and they think if the people get mad that they are LOVED? for making a change in their lives or something.

It is good that you have written this experience.

You have a lot of friends who will stick by you, I will always be here for you xx

i know of your strong character and loving support for your friends, i also know some of the pieces of this. i am here in support my friend

I dont know the full story happening here,but am glad to see your friends rallying round you cyn.Being gang stalked I do know how evil stalking is in intent,and obviously add myself to support you in this xxxxx