The Boy Who Knows Everything...

It began with a hello in the hall. He was an average boy, not popular but not gross. He got my number and started texting me, and so i texted back, not knowing that was the worse thing i could have ever done. He constantly complimented me and i was flattered. Then i got a text saying i have a question for you. So i get bugging him about it but, he said he needed to do it in person. I tried to stay away from him the whole next day, because i knew what he was gonna ask. I did things like go to the library in homeroom with my friend and skipped lunch to avoid his stares. I dodged him all until 8th period. I felt tap on my shoulder thinking it was just a friend, i turned to see his face 3 inches from mine. I turned away fast and started to run fast but he stop me by grabbing my arm. He said he had to ask me someething. I said," What do you have to ask me?" He asked me out and i told him that i wasnt looking for a relationship right now. He then proceeded to say how amazing i was and that he knew he wouldn't be as lucky to be with someone like me. So i told him yes.... not knowing what was in store for me. I ran to my eighth period class and told my friend not to say anything but i was dating him. She agreed and tried to calm me down. When class was over, i stepped outside the room and there he was, waiting for me. But i never told him what class i was in, but shook it off and he walked to my locker, i told him i would see him later and proceeded to my 9th period class. After ninth was over i went out the class and there he was. He said he would walk me to my bus, then he asked in a questinatticed voice bus 20 right? I titled my head to the side and asked " How did you know?" he said that heard it from one of my friends. I asked which friend and he said Rebecca. I brushed it off , until later when i saw Rebecca. She said that she hadnt talked to Matt in a couple of years. I then, was alarmed. I texted him and broke it off two days later. A week went by and i thought things were back to normal, until..........; One of my friends, that didn't know we dated asked ,"are you dating Matt?" I said no and asked why she would think that. She said she has seen him everyday for the past 7 months walking close behind me, and even swore she saw him smell my hair a few times. I got freaked out and tried to avoid him but watched and she was right he was always watching me. He actually got his locker switched to the one beside me. I started to get notes in my locker saying things like your beautiful and i love you. I showed my friends and they didn't believe me. He actually approuched me a few days after the 9th note i found and suggested we get back together. When i said no he got really mad stormed off. The next day i found a letter saying: I was never nothing bu tnice to you, i loved you even when you were a *****. I cherished every moment i spent watching you, and you hurt me. Im still here and someday you will be mine, no matter what it takes.
I now wait 10 minutes before i go to my locker so i wont run into him. I showed the note to my favorite teacher she escorts me to class, we also walk a different way then i use to. I also skip lunch and go the library every morning. I still get notes but i havent seen him in a while so im hoping that things stop. He stops. but the last note i got friday (today is Sunday) said, im still waiting princess, i love you.
Help me:(
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Jan 6, 2013