I Tried To Make Friends With The Creepy Kid

This happened a few years ago and has since been resolved, but I'll share my experience for those interested.

It was the first day of my university course and nobody knew anybody yet, so everyone was pretty much drifting around and mingling. I went into the library and saw the only other girl in my class and a nerdy looking guy, also from my class. Despite being painfully shy, I went to introduce myself and found that he was talking up his singing and guitar skills and was pestering her to listen to the songs he made, she was trying to ignore him, so he turned his attention on me. He got me to listen to about 10 of his songs and after listening to them wanted critique on each individual song, feeling extremely awkward and put on the spot I lied and said they were ok, I understand that it's wrong to be dishonest but I had only known him for about 20 minutes and didn't want enemies, not knowing how he'd react to someone not liking the songs he claimed he worked hard on.

The next day me and this guy were pretty familiar with each other so we hung out. Another guy from the course became friends with us, he was funny, attractive and shared a lot of interests with me (unfortunately he was in a relationship). I remember it was at the end of the second day the first guy and I were talking and suddenly he asked me out. I laughed it off, I assumed he was joking, but he assured me he was serious. I wasn't interested and I awkwardly told him no, my excuse being that I barely know him. He was ok with it and told me he'll give me two weeks and he'll ask again.

Those two weeks turned to two days, which I simply said no. Then he told me something that I should have taken as a warning. He told me that every female friend he's had that he asked out had stopped being his friend shortly after and he never understood why. He said he's such a nice guy and doesn't understand why he's always in the friendzone.

On the actual two week mark he asked again and I lied and said I was seeking someone at my work, he got annoyed at me, but I was happy to have him no longer ask me.
Throughout first semester he would tell me over and over again about how depressed he was because no girl would date him and he was nothing but nice to them all.

There were times where class would finish early and since I lived near the university I would walk home. He insisted to come home with me, I said no, my parents wouldn't like me randomly showing up with some guy, plus I had to get ready for work. He kept insisting and wouldn't take no for an answer and he started following me. I tried stalling him, knowing his strict parents wanted him home at a certain time, so I took to long way which involves passing a creek. I stopped there for a bit and he suddenly puts his arm around my shoulders and made a comment (I can't what remember exactly) I just pulled away.
Following me home against my will happened a few more times where my parents told me to call them when he tried so that they will pick me up instead, and if I had no credit he would still follow me home, only for my dad to ask him to leave once he got there.

After the mid year break it got a little stranger. The other guy that hung out with us left the course and the first guy was giving me the silent treatment. This really didn't bother me, as I was friends with the rest of the class by then and it was an opportunity to hang out with them more. The silent treatment lasted about two days and he started talking to me again, claiming he felt sorry for me because according to him, he was my only friend.

For an assignment he needed a file off me so he gave me his USB, on it I found that he had saved my facebook photo on it (I only had one photo up at the time), I got really angry at this and yelled at him to delete it, it was a photo of me and my little sister.

There was a case where I bumped into my childhood best friend on the campus during a class break by surprise, we were catching up with each other and he was pacing behind me angrily grunting, clearly displeased that I was talking to her.
People from class will be talking to me before classes started and he would turn up and literally jump in between them and I and talk over them to me, rudely cutting them off. Other times he would pace around me, occasionally looking up at the other classmates, it felt as if he was some sort of animal guarding a possession. I could see that he was trying to cut ties with the other class mates and I, and it was working. I let it happen because I was really insecure and paranoid at the time, I believed that the rest of the class didn't like me and he was my only real friend in the class, and hanging out with someone I didn't like was better than the shame of being a loner, if only I knew how wrong I was.

During one of our breaks we went to mc donald's across from the uni, where he asked me if I would ever consider dating him. I apologized and explained that he wasn't my type, where he responded that he wouldn't date me either because I'm a *****. His response shocked me but it didn't get to me.

Not long after that he decided it was time to make a scene in front of the whole class and announce that we can no longer be friends because I'm a ***** and apparently caused him to be suicidal, I must have snapped because I just smiled and said good and gave all the reasons why I'd be happy not being his friend, mainly about him being a creep. People from class that were listening applauded . He instantly tried taking back his statement, saying we could still be friends, that he will change himself for the better, I said no, I want nothing to do with him.
For the next few days he would leave class early but literally wait for me at the entrance of the building, adding 'and one last thing (whatever crap he spent the day thinking up)'

I had started talking to the friend that left the course through facebook, he was now single foe quite some time and he revealed that he liked me, we met up and started dating (we're still together now, planning on getting engaged). Now this guy somehow found out I was dating our old friend, he started telling me that my boyfriend is a jerk, he uses women for sex and if I wasn't already sleeping with him that he would be cheating on me. He also added that getting rid of him as a friend was the biggest mistake I could ever make because he was apparently the only genuinely nice person I knew and all my other friends are arseholes.
I soon got a call from a good family friend that he was sending her friend requests, aside from never speaking to her before, which was quite creepy in my opinion.

I had him watched on deviantart and forgot to unwatch him so next time I logged in I was bombarded with heaps of hate poems aimed at me and messages from him, he had gotten an old highschool friend of his to start attacking me too, where she called me ugly, a cow, and made childish jokes telling people not to go near me or they'll catch ***** disease.
In his messages he threatened to bash my boyfriend and posted false statements about me wishing to hurt the children I worked with, I replied, defending myself and those around me. He then said that the fact that I'm even replying to his messages proves that I'm unhappy in my relationship and that I deserve to be miserable in my relationship.
I ended up blocking him on deviantart and deleting him off facebook.

About a year after everything ended I received an apology message off him on facebook for everything, realizing his mistakes. Out of curiosity I searched him up on deviantart and he had a new journal up stating that he was apologizing to everyone he has wronged, that after me, the same thing happened with quite a few different girls so I guess he learned where the problem was.

Sorry about the length of the story :(
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Great story, it also shows ur maturity

It's good that he finally realized what he was doing even though it might of taken a while :)

maybe they had a condition, like ADHD or something

That's spooky.