Abroad and Long Distance

My stalker was stalking me for years before he ever made any contact with me. He first found/met me at my church when I was 14, he was 20 at that time. He was the brother of a girl I had being going to school with since 1st grade. My stalker moved to FL when I was 17, this is when he first made contact with me. He had his sister approach me and ask for my address because he wanted to write me letters and get to know me, but was never brave enough to talk to me when he lived in town. Everything started out simple enough, a few letters back and forth getting to know each other. Then he came in town for a few days to visit his family and wanted to spend time with me. I agreed, we had fun and spent alot of time together. Everything still seemed innocent until he left. He started calling me everyday telling me how he missed me, he came back to my area every weekend to try and see me. He would show up at my work, and at my house. He was constantly sending me gifts and flowers even after I made it clear to him that I just wanted to be friends and nothing more. One night when he kept calling at 3 in the morning I had to turn my phone off. He then had my sister come talk to me to see if I was ok because I was not answering my phone. Because he wasn't getting the hint I told her that my parents had grounded me and took my phone away because they didn't want me to talk to him and didn't like him calling me so much and so late. The phone calls and visits had stopped then, and I thought that it was over. Until 2 weeks later when a letter arrived from him for my parents. He told them not to punish me for his mistakes, that he was sorry and that he thought I was a wonderful person and other things. Also in the mail was a box for me from him, inside was a teddy bear with a purple ribbon around its neck (my favorite color) and a purple photo album with a note saying that I was his past, present, and future, and that he didn't feel his life started until he met me and that I was the one person he was supposed to be with. Along with these gifts was a letter, in this letter he told me how he had known this was true when he saw me and met me when I was 14! He also went on to say that he knew I was to young then and that he had to wait till I was older to approach me, and that he had just watched me grow to the person I was. It was after I showed my parents this letter that they knew that something more than rejection had to take place. We tried to get a restraining order against him but the courts wouldn't give it to us because they said there was no evidence of danger, especially since he was living 5 states away. We then went to his family to tell them what had been happening and asking them to help. They were unaware of the situation and didn't believe me when I told them until I showed them some of the letters. The stalking didn't stop until I was almost 19, he continued to show up at my work, and my home, and when I went to college even my school. I ended up having to change my number multiple times, move, and even change schools before I was able to get the stalking to stop. The more I rejected him the more persistent he became, he also became violent in some situations where I would ask him to leave. It was not until someone saw him hit me because I told him to leave that I was able to get a restraining order against him. I have not heard from him since, but I can not for sure say when the stalking actually stopped since I was not aware it was even happening until he approached me.

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Stalkers are soo creepy!<br />
{I have had my share}<br />
Good luck and be careful.