He Scared Me Forever

When I started 9th grade the only thing I wanted to do was fit in. I had finally gotten over my 'nerd stage'and was ready to start dating people. I first met 'him' during lunch with a bunch of my friends, I went out of my way to get his attention and it worked splendidly. Within a month we started dating. At first it was amazing, I never had someone who cared for me and doted on me so much before. He would call me to say good morning, say goodnight, bring me a flower and walk me home. I was so happy. It was wonderful for the first 2 months, we spent all of our time together and he gave me all kinds of attention. All of a sudden things went very wrong. He started taking me away from all of my friends, getting angry and violent when I told him I wanted some me time. He forbid me to talk to one of my friends/ex-boyfriends and even had his friends report to him when they say me talking to him. During all of this I stayed with him, and it eventually came to him trying to force me into having intercourse with him. I knew I wasn't ready and I told him so, but he still persisted even to the point of him pinning me down on the bed at his house. Fortunately, it didn't happpen, and that was the wake up call I needed. I finally told my mom what was going on and she told me that now was the time to end it with him. No matter how scared I was I had to do it. He cried, threw things, shouted in my face, but after two days there was nothing. Then he started driving by my house and calling me twenty times in an hour every day. He followed me at school and tried to convince my friends to tell me what a mistake I had made. The police were called into my school and they expelled him from my school that day.  He tried to contact me still but when I threatened him with a police phone call, he faded away into the shadows for good.

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wow ur story sounds so much like that movie...called "No one would tell" which was based on a true story!!!

Wow. What a scary thing to happen to you. I hope that <br />
<br />
he is out of your life forever! Have a great week.