Who Gave You My Number???!

I moved into a new neighborhood almost four years ago, and had never really got around to meeting the neighbors...until last winter.

I was talking to a friend outside, and saw a boy playing football with his sister in a t-shirt (mind you it was about 50 degrees outside). I thought the boy was crazy. So I asked him why he wasn't cold, and he just laughed. Next thing I know, he's running over to shake my hand and said "Hi, I'm Shane." I just said hi, and told him my name. I thought he seemed really friendly at first.

About two weeks later, I noticed that every time I'd go out to get the mail, he'd be outside watching, and would walk over to say hi. A few days had passed, and I got a phone call...from Shane. Somehow he got my number from one of my friends (nobody's fessed up yet). He asked me, and I swear this is the creepiest thing anyone's ever asked me, "Are you coming out to get the mail today?" I said no, and hung up. After that, it was "are you coming out to do laundry today?" and "oh, you dropped your, um, panties behind you.." if I was coming out of the garage with laundry. Finally, my stepdad went over to talk to him.

He tells everyone I'm a ***** now. Jerk.


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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Wow that's so weird. You aren't a ***** just smart. I don't think that anyone would believe that about you if they knew what really happened.

Yipes, that is creepy. I think you were smart to get your stepfather involved.