This Is Why I Can't Be Nice to Anyone

I first met my stalker when I was a senior in high school. I threw my phone at one of the principals and got 2 weeks of In School Suspension. That's another story though.

His name was Daniel and I ignored him. I was friends with another boy who was in ISS at the same time as me. He would make of Daniel because he looked like a plucked chicken and because Daniel was reading a hefty sized book about the Civil War. Apparently, this made him a nerd. I can't stand when people are being made fun of and they either can't or won't stand up for themselves.

I said aloud that I thought that it was interesting that he was reading that I i wish I had the patience to read the book also.

Biggest freaking mistake I've ever made.

He would constantly write me letters and even showed up at my house! I graduated and didn't see him again for some while. One day, my bf Shawn and I were sitting on the couch when freakin Daniel showed up and didn't leave for a whole hour. Luckily, after that he signed up for the military and I didn't hear or see him for 3 years.

A while back I was driving my son to school when I saw this weird kid walking the train tracks. I thought "Why isn't this Lil bastard in school?". When I was driving home, I stopped at my mom's to pick up some stuff and continued on down the street. The kid I saw earlier started frantically waving at me. It was freaking Daniel. I hauled *** as he started running towards my car. I didn't go straight home cuz I didn't want him to know where I lived.

Later that day, my mom's boyfriend called me saying that some boy was calling his phone looking for me and that he gave him my new number.I didn't answer the calls but I listened to the lengthy voice messages he left.

My sister and I were just about to walk into best Buy when I got a bad feeling and I told my sister what had happened. Just then I looked up and Daniel was waving at me. OMG - we turned around and started for the door. Daniel came running outside up behind me and my sister. He asked if I could give him a ride to some apartment complex. I said I couldn't because I wasn't leaving the area for some time. He said that he had been calling me and got my old number off of my dog's collar tags.

WOW! Me and my sister got in the car and locked our doors and drove around to make sure he didn't see where we went. I told my mom's boyfriend and the next time when he called the number the boyfriend yelled at him the he would break his ******* neck if he called or came by again.


It was one of my scarier moments but thankfully I haven't seen or heard form him since.

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3 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I'd be terrified. Glad you're okay thou.

creeepy man....

That's gotta be the creepiest stalker story i have read!!