It Was Me

I follow myself everywhere. I couldn't get rid of me, so we became friends! LOL. At least I think so.

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9 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Thank you

HAHAHA Good one!

@ chris: do that, you won't regret it.<br />
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@ ghost of myself: I think we all stalk ourselves at some point, but sometimes we are stuck with us!

that sounds familiar.i think that happend to me.but it is hard making freinds with yourself,ha!thought you had gone missing there.glad you didn`t love your stories.

Really? Okay... maybe next time I see him... I'll say hello... hehe

Look out, you may be haunted by the spirits of ancient Mayans!! LOL<br />
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I know him he is fun and joyful

I had this strange guy following me around who was dressed like a leg lamp.... Kinda creepy... ;p

I wouldn't mind getting rid of myself!! LOL

Thanks for not saying it was nonsense.<br />
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Thanks for reading my story.