He drove a white car with 2 red stripes that started in the front n ran across to the back. I lived in a small town, n everywhere anybody went pretty much, they walked. Many times this man stopped me n asked me if i wanted a ride, n would just drive along side me as i walked. My best friend at the time was also with me, n he started stalkin her too. N her brother took us to the cops in that town, n they said they couldnt do anything bout this guy until he actually did something.

I dont know what happened to that guy. Eventually he just stopped comin around. I was so glad. It was wierrrd.

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I couldn't even read a ******* word of that, my goodness your grammar and spelling is horrid.

Could it be that he was planning to kidnap you and your friend? Thank goodness you didn't ride with him. What a creep.

That is weird....