Our Angel Riley

i couldnt have been happier when i found out i was pregnant yes i was a bit shocked as i was told 3 weeks before i had polysystic ovaries prior to this i was trying for 18 months at 19 wks i noticed i hadnt felt the baby move for a few days so i went to the hospital for a scan where i was told there was no heartbeat in a way i new something was wrong i had to go back in the next day where they gave me a tablet to soften my cervix and was told to come back in two days later where i would have to be induced .
on thursday 10th feb 11 at 4.56pm i gave birth to our lovely boy Riley my partner seen him i didnt although he told me he was perfect all his toes and fingers etc the nurses were lovely they made us a lovely memory box with pictures in and stuff i finaly had the courage to look at them when i got home and he was lovely looked just like his dad which was sad i dont think ive had to go through anything like this in my life and i understand now how other mothers and fathers that have had to go through it feel we are just waiting for his post mortam and test results now maybe find out what happened i need some peace of mind to help us move on and maybe try again but i will certainly never forget my special little man :) Riley King 10/02/11 xx
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Hi all not been on for a while im happy to say I went on to have a perfect little boy called Logan he was premature born at 34 weeks due to placenta pravia he came home after 2 weeks in nicu he is now 10 months old and so mischievous we love him so much

I just wanted other parents who had been through stillbirth to never give up as Logan shows there is always hope

hi,im so sorry for your loss,i had a son jan 11,he was stillborn at 38 weeks 2 days,he was only 4lb 11 oz ,he had growth restriction,the post mortem showed he was perfectly healthy apart from growth,after hospital investigation,they had admitted they hadnt followed procedures and his death could have been avoided,the grief has broken ,i have since had a little boy born at 35 weeks which is doing well,i hope your greif becomes a easier with time ,our sons were born as innocent angels and will fly to heaven were the is no bad x

Sorry for your loss, have faith and take time to heal, talk to close family. I see you've been trying but things will get worse before the get better but hear this they'll surely get better. May the good Lord be with in this time of pain.

i was 21 weeks hun i know what you mean about wanting a baby so much when something like this happens it makes you want them all the more they told me Riley had placental abbruption and that it wouldnt happen again and then i go and loose the 2nd so im not so sure i was only about 6weeks 2nd time round dont worry about it never happening the main thing is you know you can get pregnant so it will happen again you will always miss him i miss mine so much not a day goes by when i dont think about him as he would be 4 months old now i know its hard but try and think of the future and what you want from it dont give up it will happen it did 4 me xx

oh dear i am sorry there is never a good time to loose them but it must have been even harder for you i thought i would never get pregnant again then in august i found out i was just as i got back from my holidays sadly i lost it last week i am going to see my consultant to have some tests and find out what is happening please dont give up some times it takes a while it took my friend 1 year to get pregnant again after loosing her first everybody is different if you need somebody to talk to im here i know what its like to feel like ur dealing with it all by yourself and how alone it makes you feel got to be one of the worst things to deal with :)xxx

How far we you Hun. I really want enough baby so much. The cord was tangled around him and it was tight I just hope that is what it was and nothing elsa bug we will have to wait for the results to come back. I am just worried that it won't happen again. I am so sorry for your loss as well and if you need to talk I am here. I miss him so much. Xxx

im sorry for your loss, i had it happen to me also at 36 weeks we had a little boy i keep thinking that i will not get pregnant again we have said we will try again but we are waiting for the test results to come back first. ..i need someone to talk to who understands how i feel xx

hard couple of days it was Rileys due date yesterday :(

i got my results back and there was a problem with the placenta riley wasnt getting enough food and nutrients so its like starvation the dr told me there wasnt anything i could have done and even if they new it was going to happen they couldnt have stopped it he assured me it wasnt anything i had done just one of those things but some good news came out of it he said my nxt pregnancy should be ok and that they would monitor me more closely :)

im sorry for your loss, i had it happen to me also at 36 weeks..a lil boy a lil over two months ago..i need someone to talk to who understands how i feel

Hi all just to let you know Rileys funeral went ok it was a lovely service he,s been put in a lovely spot where we can go and visit :)x

thankyou for your kind thoughts Rileys funeral is tomorrow so hopefuly get the results bck soon and find out what happened x