Lost My Little One

on the morning of 18 of February 2011, I had a stillbirth to my little son at 34 weeks. it happened all of a sudden, a day before everything was fine, I had a midwife's check up, and there she couldn't find any heart beat of the baby. so then I was sent to the hospital to make sure everything is fine, there they performed an ultrasound, there they saw no heart beat. I was told right then, that the baby was no more. that was the hardest moment of my life, I had no symptom of any bleeding or any pain. then I had to be induced to give birth. it was the hardest moment of my life. i hope any pray that it never happens to me or to anyone else. 
amena970yasini amena970yasini
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Amena my heart crys with you. The experience we've gone through is so alike! It took me alot of crying, self forgiveness, prayers and sharing my pain to heal. Nobody should tell you not to grief your loss, because losing a child at any age is painful. I hope you will get through this just like the many before us.

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My sympathies go out to you.. I too have had a stillbirth.. i was 39.5 weeks and my baby's movements started to slow down.. i went to the hospital to have a monitor and was told everything was fine.. I went home and my baby stopped moving , i returned to the hospital the next morning very panicked only to be told my baby had died.. Specialist looked over the monitor tracing i had the day before and saw the baby was in foetal distress and i should of had an immediate ceaser. The nurse who looked at it didnt spot it. My baby had 2 vessels in the cord but apart from that she was normal. You will go on to have another baby but this little one will always hold a special place in your heart.