Full Term Still Birth - 1 May 2012

My waters broke right on my due date - my in laws came over at 2am to baby sit our 2yr 8 month daughter and my husband and I drove to hospital in an excited panic. Whilst my husband was parking the car the midwife started scanning for a heartbeat as the initial check. By the time my husband got back from parking the car, she still hadn't found the heartbeat. About 5 mins later I was officially told there was no heartbeat. Here I was in the middle of contractions being told my baby had died, but I was about to deliver him. We managed to get through the delivery, but with complications, only just avoiding a caesar. It is just over a week since I lost my beautiful boy, Oscar Liam, some days are bearable but some days are almost impossible to get through. I still look pregnant with the post baby pouch and people on the street are asking me when I am due. We are so grateful for our daughter, but I just can't help the feeling that I was the one who lost the son my husband so dearly wanted. The only glimmer of hope I have that gets me out of bed in the mornings is that we will be able to have another baby soon (boy or girl!). I so desperately want to hear of stories of people who have been able to have children after a stillbirth. I'm not sure how else to face going back to work and sorting out childcare for my daughter in the mean time.
OscarLiam OscarLiam
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

lost my son Ethan on 21/7/12 at 36 weeks and I had to have a c-section due to complications with my first child, I really want to be pregnant again but have been told that I should allow up to 1 year for me to heal. I do not want to wait that long and told the midwife and she said I could try sooner but can cause a rupture but I don't want to wait. I have read stories and most people do have another child soon after and everything is fine as they get more checks and scan’s. I’m sorry for your lost of your beautiful boy, Oscar Liam and wish you all the best for future.

Hi my name is Brittney I also lost my baby boy Christopher Michael green Jr . on may 2,2012its so hard I dont no how im going to get through it .He was my husband and I first baby and we miss him dearly .Im so sorry for your lost sweetie.