Liam Alen My Love......

I got up one morning to go pay bills. My belly was so big it was pushed against the desk and anytime that happened he would kick like crazy.,so he started kicking big time. I'll never forget that. My bf and I went to work (2nd shift) on September 25, 2012. I was there maybe an hour and started getting light pains in my stomach. Very light...then it progressed so I left work and went home thinking I just needed some rest. I started having contractions! 4 minutes apart. So my bf came home from work and took me to the hospital..they couldn't find his heartbeat...I freaked out and then they did an ultrasound..he was so heartbeat..he died shortly after I got to work..I remember feeling his last kick..I delivered him at 8:30 the next morning...I bawled my eyes out! I was 32 weeks! He was so beautiful! Once he came out a giant blood clot came out..for the past couple if months before this tragedy I had been complaining to my doc about these pains I was having but he kept telling me it was normal cuz I wasn't bleeding. He never tried to see if anything was wrong..the last time I told him about my pains was on September 24th at my appointment! The next day he died! Well...turns out he died from placenta abruption...and all the pains I was having were the signs of abruption! Some women bleed and some store it inside them..mine stored inside me! It came out with him and I lost too much blood and almost died..had to have a blood transfusion...ever since he died, my life has gone downhill..I dnt sleep anymore...I'm miserable! I can't move forward..I dnt knw what to do..I never in a million years thot this would happen to me...I'll never ever get over this! I love my little Liam with all my heart!
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I am so sorry you had to go through that. 32 weeks is far along. I've had 3 miscarriages and 4 live births. I now have 3 surviving children. It is harder for us women to go through these things, but we are strong. I hope you are doing better. The pain never goes away, it just gets duller. All my love.

Oh my...u have lost so much! I'm so sorry for ur losses! Ur right about it only getting duller...I'm still so overwhelmed with sadness and it doesn't feel as though it will ease up...we just got his headstone so beautiful... Thank u for reading my hurts that he's not here with me but I do love talking about him...

I am so sorry for your loss. I went through similar story. My son was born sleeping on 11/27/2012. My doctor told me it was due to the same cause placenta abruption but once the pathology report came in we found it he died from Strep B. As a way for us to heal and grieve, my husband and I have started a website for our son. If you don't mind, I would love for you to share your story in my site. I think that a lot women are not aware of the different conditions that can harm a baby. The pain will never go away and the loss of our babies is so unfair. I pray that the Lord will comfort us. Thank you again for sharing your story. If you would like to share your story and promote awareness on placenta abruption please visit We are the voices for our little Angels. I also have a slideshow to post a picture of your Angel.

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I want to thank u both so much...I too cry everyday...I go visit his grave often...I have not found peace yet but I prey one day I time I will make my doctor listen! I'm so very sorry about ur loss as well..ur in my prayers...

I too had a stillborn because of my neglectful dr I was having contractions and my baby was barely moving I was sent home multiple times cause my contractions were not close together, and as far as my dr was concerned my baby not moving as much was "normal." I am so sorry this has happened to you. I cry almost everyday, I miss my lil angel. Liam is your special angel. He is watching over you and telling all his friends about you, and how much he loves you and can't wait to see you. I pray you find comfort, and peace. I know how hard it is to go through life with this pain.

So sorry for your lost. You are in my prayers.