Lilyana Rose

It was June 24, 2012 at 4am I woke up contractions, I have been having them all month and I had gone to the ER multiple times because of them. I was told my baby was fine even though she had stopped moving as much. June 16 I was told her heartbeat dropped so I was given an IV of fluids and was sent home. I was basically told not to come back unless I was bleeding or my contractions worsened. I lost my plug the morning of the 24th so I called EMSA to get to the hospital. Excited about giving birth to my new baby girl I was unaware of what had actually happened. When I got to my room nurses were all around me getting my information, putting on the fetal monitor taking an ultrasound. When the dr came in he had told me there was no heartbeat. After he had taken an ultrasound he said she was dead. I delivered her within minutes knowing my baby was gone.
Motherof3angels Motherof3angels
26-30, F
Dec 15, 2012