My Perfect Boy

christopher would b 11 on sat 19th jan, instead hes still a perfect little baby boy.
he never had the chance to breathe air,to feel my skin on his,to feel the kiss of his mummys lips.
one day your happily pregnant preparing for this little person to come into ur world then hes cruelly snatched away.

empty heart,empty belly,just empty.
tiny little coffin no bigger than a shoe box.
a photo of him on y fire place,,whats right in that?? nothing is right in that.
yes it gets easier as the time goes on but you cant forget, u dont want to forget.

i have moved on but i remember my boy,i remember every detail of christopher,but there comes a point where you have to force yourself to move forward otherwise yor wasting life that your baby was so tragically denied.

i have a beautiful lil girl who is a year younger than her brother,she knows who he is and she visits him. she said to me the other day "mum its christophers birthday n saturday,wot we doin?" i said "what do u think we r doin?,havin a party".
she came out with "u cant mum hes dead" well i did laugh,she meant letting balloons off like we do every year.
so the moral of the story do bounce back,you can lead a normal life and yes you are allowed to smile and even laugh sometimes. it all takes time x
cl19 cl19
Jan 12, 2013