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I have just signed up on this tonight don't really understand why I put myself through reading other people's experiences reading it hurts but it also heals. The experience other mothers like yourself have been through it makes my emotions seem normal as everyone experiences the crazy thoughts. My baby girl was stillborn on the 18th of January this year only a few weeks ago and I miss her so much everyday can't believe I waited a lifetime for her and when she arrived in my arms at 38.4 weeks she was stillborn. I had regular antenatal appointments and everything was fine heartbeat was strong. I still feel like its not sunk in I feel like my baby isn't my baby and I wasn't given a chance to be her mummy. I'm waiting postmortem results and clinging on to the hope of a reason behind it. I never thought this would happen to me and now it has I have so many people around me that have opened up and experienced losing a child too it's heartbreaking. Love my little bubba bear so much xx
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i am sorry for your loss, i lost my preious baby girl kiyliah on sept4 2013 i was 37 wks an 5days i only had one week before my scheduled c section on the 13. her heart stop beating all of a sudden i miss her soooo much.

I am so very sorry and I know how you feel. Lost my Riley 5 weeks ago and I miss him so much. Perfect baby boy lost to a cord accident. I too feel like I am pouring salt in the wound by reading all of these stories but on the flip side it somehow helps. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone (or crazy:)