Worst Day Of My Life :(

It was thursday the 12th november 2009, i was going to have my sweep as i was 9 days over due. I was really looking forward to having it because i thought i was going to go into labour soon after, the midwife came and she tried to find my babys heartbeat, at first i thought he must be in a arkward position but still after about 5 minutes there was still nothing, so i was rushed in to the hospital for a scan. I was hoping that everything would be ok but when i got my scan my worst fears has come true. He had died. I couldnt belive it at first, all i kept thinging was this dosent happen to people like me. A couple of hours later i was induced into labour, When i was pushing him out i was hoping he would cry and that the doctors where wrong but he didnt. When the doctors said "im so sorry" thats when i knew he wasnt alive. It took me and my husband a few hours to be able to see him but im so glad i did, he was so perfect. He weighed 9lbs 7onces which for me is a big baby considering my daughter who is 8 now was only 6lb 15onces. Two weeks after we buried our little boy lucas. Im still hurting and i think of him everyday.x

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about 20 yr ago i too had a stillborn son..but i lost Drew to a drunk driver that almost took my life as well that day ...drew was broken ...so much so ....i still cry for him ..wonder if he would be like his big brother ....it will get better ...but you will never forget it ...it will always be with you ...remember he is always with you in your heart ..and time will help you heal ...I know me saying this won't help but I am so so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son lucas

i know what you are going through..6 weeks ago I lost my daughter to a cord accident. She was delivered via c section, april 8 2010. She was perfect also. I dont know why these things happen, I do not think I will ever know. I do know that the more we talk to people like ourselves the better we feel and are able to cope. I am so sorry for your loss. You will be in my prayers.