Why Me???

i am 25 and my baby girl was stiil-born and i was 8 1/2 wks pregnant my placenta ruptured and it was the worst thing that happened in my life. i'll never forget the words they cant find a heartbeat and nothing they can do. i remeber asking if they can give me a c-section but they couldn't but they gave me morphine and gas and air but that only stopped the pain in my stomach but my heart was aching so bad. al my brothes cried and support evry day but they dnt understand how i feel. this happened 6 months ago and i'm trying to be strong for my kids (7, 5,&1) and they make me happy evry day but how do i stop myself from crying wenever i'm by myself it hurts so much and i dnt think i can b strong any mcu longer but i will try. at her funeral the pastor of my church sed ' an angel looked in the book from above closed the book and sedshes too pretty for the world.
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I'm so sorry for ur loss. I too lost our angel nevaeh at 7 1/2mo. It truly was painful. I have 2 other amazing kids 14 & 12,and am 36. I find it comforting to talk of her and even to her throughout my day. She Was born perfect and peaceful@ 3pds. 3oz 15in. I've made scrapbook pix as part of her memorial and for the kids room, seeing as we've been blessed with anangel of our very own!