Our Butterfly

I lost my baby girl march 3 of 2012 i was 22 weeks it was so hard for me because i have five other childern that is healthy and she didnt make it today is june 30th i wouldve had today. but i know the lord is taking good care of her. i just miss her so much!!!! my husband has been so wonderful during this time so has my other childern. it was hard to go through but i have the lord and only he understands why it happened i just cant believe it happen. she is my beautiful butterfly and i will never forget her. god bless you all.
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1 Response Jun 30, 2012

Hiya i am sophie and i want to start by saying i am soo sorry for your loss , i no the hurt and pain off losing a child as i recently lost my little girl at 25 weeks pregnant on the 26th of may i gave birth to my little angel she was my first ans was planned as i have longed to become a mother, i do not understand why the baby i a so badly longer for was taken from me with no explination and i may never no, but like you i no that god takes care of her and all the other angel babies with such love it brings me such comfort to no i have my own little guardian angel look after me and i also hope this thought will bring you comfort , i am truly sorry for the loss of your little one my heart goes out to you and please feel free to message me when ever you just need to talk to someone love from another grieving mummy xx

tysvm and i am sorry for your loss as well. in time it get easier but i never stop thinking about her. she wouldve been 2 months this month but my lord jesus has helped me so much. and one i may get a chance to have another. so god bless you and yours.