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I found out I was pregnant in April, 2011, we were not trying for a baby our youngest was 8. We were both thrilled at the thought of this new addition to our family. Everything was going great with my pregnancy until I went in for my 20 wk sonogram, Makayla was a little small, I was sent to a specialist who said all was fine. At 7 months we lost her heart beat. She was delivered the day before my birthday, it will be a year this week. I still hurt everyday, I miss her terribly and feel so alone. I feel like everyone else has moved on. I would give anything to hold her again. I am blessed and I know that I have 4 beautiful and healthy children ranging from 9 to 17, and although she wasn't planned, she was desperately wanted. Missing my beautiful angel Makayla Rose 9/24/12
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One of the hardest parts is that because no one else sees the baby no one else seems to think of it as a true loss. I understand. Thanks for sharing.

i am sorry 4 ur loss