I'm a 33 year old mother of six and was having a baby girl everything was fine then on the 14th of june baby was not moving went to hospital they corfirmed baby had died so they sent me home to go back the next day to be induced they tried that twice it got to the stage I just wanted her out it was heartbreaking on the 17th I had enough was tired so I made the decion to go for a c section they tried to put the epaduial I'm my back 9 times my heart nearly stopped but baby was born at 12 in the afternoon I ask for baby to stay for a bit and they was meant to take her @ 5 but she was still with me @12 midnight they only gave me paracetamol for pain relive they called security on me and mentle health and sociol services which was noo need for I just wanted to go home to my kids it was hard telling them its been 14 weeks today and it feels like yesterday I'm suffering with nerve damage in my legs threw they hit nerves in my back I still find it hard I still get the flash backs baby was laid to rest on the 1st of august
samanthajahniyah samanthajahniyah
31-35, F
Sep 22, 2012