My Stillborn Isis Harmony

I got pregnant January 13th after a Masquerade Party with my Husband, this year 2012, I was very excited! I hoped for a girl because we have Two boys ages 2 &4. The whole pregnancy was like a dream come true because all i ever wanted was a daughter and i was finally going to have one :).. I remember walking in the shore line of the Ocean and feeling her kick with excitement, it was like she felt my excitement because I love the Ocean. I imagined her whole life and all the stages she would go through. I married her daddy with her, I made my wedding dress and decorated everything.. And we got married on the beach, everyone joined to help because we had little money to make it happen after our house burned down on March 31st this year, we got married In June. Isis Harmony was due October 19th this year, she died October 15/16 and I gave birth to her still body October 17th... My world came crashing down, she died from A Cord Constriction. One area was thinned out. She was so beautiful...I sit here now and reflect on the moments shared while she was alive, and I am grateful for her being apart of my life but i am deeply saddened, and upset, my moods are up and down, I dont know where to start i my future th i did everything right.
IsisHarmony IsisHarmony
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as i read this two stories i am crying cos i also lost my son on 16 nov 2012,he also died cos of the cord.the pain cuts deeper then the cut of a knife.let me say sorry for u'r loss i do believe that God will heal our pain.

Thank you for sharing your story. My story is very similar to yours. I became pregnant on January 14th 2012 and my due date was October 20th. My boyfriend and I were going to have a baby boy named Liam. He was our first and we were very excited to have a boy in the family because my family is full of girls. He died on October 13th due to an umbilical cord accident and I delivered him October 15th. I know what you mean when you say your moods are up and down. I am struggling a lot lately. It seems like it gets worse as time goes on. I do not have any other children so I feel as though my life is worthless and I do not have a purpose sometimes. I know that sounds pretty horrible but there is nothing like the feeling of being so close to being a mother and then having it ripped away. I just wanted to say thank you again for sharing your story. It makes me realize I am not alone. I was shocked to read about how similar our stories are.